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FIMMAS / MKT for Financial Services & Marketing Organizations

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FIMMAS / MKT meets the special insurance administration requirements of banks, brokers, agencies, and other financial services organizations that market life, health, and annuity insurance products. Features include streamlined entry of new business, flexible commission structures, extensive commission processing and reporting capabilities, and web-enabled access to detailed current and historical information about customers, policies, agents, and carriers.
FIMMAS / MKT is customer-centered. The FIMMAS customer database consolidates information about current and former customers, prospects, referrals, agents, or anyone with an important relationship to your company. Back office staff, branch offices, carriers, agencies, or any authorized users can access the same up-to-date information about customers, insureds, benefits, billing, rating, history, and correspondence through a single system interface. Unlimited free-form notes and reminders can be attached to customer or policy records to assist in account management and customer service.

User-defined rules specify how commissions are calculated. Multiple reporting hierarchies can be defined, and can include platform staff, sales assistants, sales representatives, agents, and branch management for commission splits. Commission payment information from various carriers can be loaded into a file for comparison with FIMMAS-calculated commissions.

FIMMAS / MKT tracks licensing and appointment information. This includes state, license type, FY record, resident / non-resident status, license number, license status, effective date, renewal date, county, fee information, etc. FIMMAS / MKT edits to verify the licensing status of all writing agents on a policy / certificate before allowing it to be issued.

FIMMAS / MKT has comprehensive requirements tracking and task tracking capabilities. User-defined rules specify tasks, documents, sign-offs, or other elements that must be completed before an application can be approved. Because FIMMAS / MKT is an integrated system, application information is entered once and is immediately available throughout the FIMMAS system, so that all inquiries, reports, document extracts, file transfers, etc. have access to that data.

FIMMAS / MKT provides cashiering capabilities. Payments for premiums, mortgages, loans, and other financial transactions can be entered directly into FIMMAS / MKT, then extracted to an external system for processing. This cashiering function also supports the clearing and settling of funds between the customer and carriers. FIMMAS / MKT supports the rollup of accounts for streamlined reporting of the totals owed and other summary data.


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