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FIMMAS / GRP for Group Lines

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FIMMAS provides full-function administration, from case entry through claims, of individual and group lines, including voluntary products and ported policies. FIMMAS / GRP supports true group, association group, BCBS-specific, and payroll deduction / worksite products. Multiple companies and multiple products, including traditional and interest-sensitive life, disability, health, and annuity products, are supported on a single integrated system. FIMMAS / GRP is available as an in-house solution from MDI or as an ASP solution through MDI's outsourcing affiliate, IAI (Insurance Administrators Incorporated).
In addition to FIMMAS features for both individual and group lines, FIMMAS / GRP supports the special needs of group products:
* Rates can vary by state, area, series, class, date range, and other variables. One rate table supports multiple plans / benefits.
* Flexible billing sequences, automatic billing for prior periods, and multiple modes on one bill streamline the billing / collection process.
* User-defined billing rules define options for billing formats, media, frequency, over / short handling, suspense / reinstatement, rebill, and payment reconciliation.
* Users can identify and combine groups for experience rating, dividend calculation, and reporting.
* Complete experience data (premiums, claims information, etc.) is available on-line for analysis.
* Special features streamline enrollment, group changes, group cancellations, reinstatement and reenrollment.
* Benefits or persons can be added, deleted, or terminated at a case or insured level. Changes are entered on-line and reflected immediately throughout the database. Inquiries and reports at a detail and summary level are available for any information in the database.
* Users can make back charges and credits across rate change periods. Users can also preschedule future rate changes, and have the new rates automatically included in calculations after the effective date.
* Undo / redo capabilities are available across anniversary date or multiple years. This streamlines error correction, and lets you rate contracts retroactively.

FIMMAS / GRP runs in a client / server environment, with a UNIX, LINUX, or Windows NT operating system on a RISC or Intel-based processor. It uses industry-standard network protocols and PC workstations, and supports Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, and other databases. The same FIMMAS application code can support a few users or hundreds of users.


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