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Majesco L&A and Group Core Suite


Unparalleled opportunities are unfolding in the L&A individual, group and voluntary benefits insurance segment, offering unprecedented opportunities for growth in terms of new markets, new customers, and the demand for new products and services.

To capitalize on these opportunities, a modern, robust core platform is needed, one that enables speed to value, scales easily, and is designed and architected to rapidly adapt to market changes…keeping insurers at the leading edge.

Majesco L&A and Group Suite supports individual, group and voluntary benefits on a single platform, recognizing that growing and retaining customers, regardless of where they originate, is critical to insurers’ growth strategies. The suite provides essential core system capabilities for policy, billing and claims. The powerful design allows for rapid adaptation for new, innovative products or benefit plans, giving insurers the power, flexibility and speed needed to capture opportunities and create profitable growth.

That is the power of Majesco L&A and Group Suite.


Natasha Nauth

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