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Majesco Billing for L&A and Group


The shift in billing from a financial transaction to a customer-centric engagement opportunity can be viewed in light of the steady rise in the “Age of the Customer” culture. Leading insurers recognize that billing is critical to creating an ideal customer experience, whether for individual, group or voluntary benefits. It is a strategic opportunity to drive home customer engagement, loyalty, and retention. A modern billing platform can foster increased customer engagement, satisfaction and renewal rates, improve cash flow and establish the insurer as the go-to source for convenience and trust.

And as innovative insurers develop new offerings to meet evolving customer needs and expectations, they need to be 100% confident their insurance billing platform has the capability to fully accommodate them.

Majesco’s insurance billing platform supports all products and billing types for L&A individual, group, voluntary benefits and worksite lines of business on a single platform.

That is the power of Majesco Billing for L&A and Group.


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