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Predictive models for underwriting risk assessment

LexisNexis Risk Solutions – Insurance

Drive more consistent and informed underwriting decisions with LexisNexis® Risk Classifier. An advanced risk assessment solution, LexisNexis Risk Classifier utilizes data from attributes derived from public records, driving history and credit to help better assess a proposed insured’s risk profile – then distills it into a numeric score with reason codes. It’s all done in real time and without the need to pull fluids. 
Apply resources effectively
Place applicants into appropriate risk classes and ensure your underwriters only see the more complex cases that require their valuable expertise.
Speed up underwriting
Make advanced risk assessments on proposed insureds in real time.
Reduce expenses
Properly classify applicants up front and avoid more costly and invasive requirements.
Price precisely
Price policies more competitively based on more accurate risk assessments.
Improve efficiency
Reduce cycle times and drop-out rates by eliminating the need to conduct invasive medical/laboratory tests.
Please customers
Improve the customer experience with less hassle and by fast-tracking simpler cases.


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