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Titanium represents a quantum leap forward in policy administration solutions for the annuity, life, and health insurance industry. The Administrator Titanium Edition (The Administrator Ti) takes advantage of all the latest technological innovations to deliver a truly next generation insurance software solution.

Built entirely on the JEE (Java Enterprise Edition) platform, Titanium offers the stability, portability and scalability necessary to power large scale insurance applications.  Historically, insurers were forced to build an operating environment that matched the software that they were using.  Titanium allows the insurer to build the operating environment that makes the most sense to them.  Commercially available Application Servers and Open Source solutions, such as JBoss, are all inherently supported. Titanium also supports the carrier’s choice of RDBMS. DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server are all supported, as well as Open Source solutions like PostgreSQL.

The Administrator Ti is a next generation, comprehensive, client-oriented, new business and contract administration system. The system processes all individual, group, fixed, variable, traditional and non-traditional life, health and annuity insurance products.  Features include:

  • Multi-Company Support
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Fully relational data
  • 24x7 availability
  • Context sensitive real-time help
  • SOA enablement
  • Product tools to create/enhance life, health, and annuity products 

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