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IDP's Channel Management System (CMS) is a complete solution for producer/agent contracting, licensing, compensation and reporting.

The system's Service Oriented Architecture allow producers to communicate using the technologies of their choice.
Compensation can be as timely as desired, including standard modes, as well as weekly, daily, as soon as the first premium is received, and on demand. Licensing and renewal reporting is supported.

Advancing features include: Different rules can be established for different products or can differ for individual agents. Maximums can be set with considerable flexibility. Recapture can occur against all earnings or just those products or policies where advances were granted.

Complex reporting and commission sharing relationships are supported. A single agent can have virtually limitless reporting hierarchy and compensation arrangements. They can vary by company, product, date, and by situation. Hierarchies can be sixteen levels deep, with no limit on commission splits at any level.

General accounting transactions are automatically generated for all Channel Management System activity. The system is designed to interface with a company's general ledger and/or  tax system(s).

All transaction processing is real-time to optimize administration and provide up-to-the-second accuracy.

The system's Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) can provide Web Services for any of the CMS's inquiry and update functions. These Web Services allow easy integration with other SOA components and web applications.

Full multi-company support is included.

CMS is exclusively built using the most strategic technologies now being deployed in the life insurance industry including J2EE, Java, XML, SOA, and relational data bases.

CMS is also available with LIDP's "Base System Forever" Quality Assurance Guarantee.

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LIDP Channel Management System

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