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FireLight® — Sales Platform

Insurance Technologies

FireLight® is a multi-carrier, end-to-end sales platform that delivers a suite of interconnected sales components, data and cohesive sales experiences that digitally transforms the way insurance, retirement and investment products are marketed, sold, delivered and supported. FireLight delivers a single-code-developed, platform-as-a-service solution with a powerful rules engine, multiple user interface and experience options, built-in e-signature, robust API layer, unique workflow flexibility, and self-management tools, efficiently supporting various business, compliance and sales channel strategies.

  • Interconnected Sales Activities
    • Pre-Sale Functions
    • Quoting
    • Illustration
    • E-Application
    • E-Delivery
    • Post-Sale Services
  • All Lines of Business — One Platform
  • Interconnected Sales Data Across All Activities
  • Built-In and Included e-Signature
  • Robust API Capabilities
  • Automated Workflows and Review Queues
  • Multiple User Interface and User Experience Options
  • Data Reporting and Analytics
  • Self-Management and Design Tools


Kristin Wills, SVP, Marketing

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