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Mail Servicing

DST Systems

“Keeping the lights on” can consume an exorbitant amount of staff time and management attention. With increasing pressures to reduce costs while also improving customer service, insurance and financial service companies must consider outsourcing non-core activities. DST provides an array of intelligent, content-enabled products that capture and transform incoming communications into data that helps drive your critical business processes, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

  • Consolidate processes spanning multiple lines of business for processing paper, e-mail, fax, voice, and digital sources
  • Provide technology to digitize, classify and index information for storage or workflow
  • Direct data to the right person, process, or location to achieve the desired business result
  • Consolidate access to data within a secure and reliable web-based repository
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy of your business processes
  • Includes overnight mail processing, check handling, document archiving and touchscreen technology
  • DST currently processes over 10,000 packages/day, scans 5M pages/month and handles over $1 Billion in check deposits/month


Scott Winzeler

330 W. 9th St.
Kansas City, MO 64105 USA

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