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Business Process Solutions – AWD

DST Systems

Connecting with consumers, differentiating from competitors, and delivering a seamless customer experience – all while managing a cost-effective, compliant business – is not a simple task. Whether basic process improvements or more complex problems such as onboarding, compliance management, claims management, or background investigations, our team provides a personalized delivery model to meet your specific business needs. Ours intelligent business process and case management solution, AWD, helps align customers, employees, siloed departments, and disparate technologies to execute intelligent, effective business operations:

  • Create self-service experiences for easy customer interaction
  • Reduce processing times and required resources
  • Integrate aging legacy systems to simplify and reduce the cost of doing business
  • Optimize visibility and efficiency through operational analytics
  • Reduce risk of non-compliance by addressing regulations and corporate policies with structured processes and built-in business rules

With AWD, you can orchestrate the outcomes your customers desire and the results your business demands.


Scott Winzeler

330 W. 9th St.
Kansas City, MO 64105 USA

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