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Forecast is CalcFocus’ new business and inforce illustration platform which is the most current in the marketplace. Forecast includes life, health and annuity product illustrations and best-fit illustrations that present results of complex needs analysis and “in the moment” new sale, cross-sale and/or up-sale product recommendations.

Forecast is especially well suited for complex product types; for multi-illustrations for multiple persons including multiple illustrations for every member of a family or business; for direct to consumer and policy self-service portals; and for voluntary benefit policyholders.

Forecast is a cloud enabled application that allows for both SaaS and traditional software deployments.

The CalcFocus Designer tool enables rapid, hierarchical configuration of any product suite that Forecast illustrates. CalcFocus Designer allows companies to understand their life, health and annuity products in a way never seen before – data redundancy is reduced by as much as 95% and it enables companies to see the true variance between products, and between employee groups and classes for voluntary benefit products.

The CalcFocus Framework business development tool includes a powerful, yet simple, business language to extend and customize through configuration CalcFocus out-of-the box calculation engines; to customize existing and/or build new user experiences, including state-of-the-art graphics, and end-user documents; and to manage trading partner integrations.

CalcFocus architecture exposes granular Forecast calculation and projection services to augment, enhance or replace selected legacy functionality at multiple policy life cycle touch points.

The CalcFocus quality tool automates verifying Forecast success and enables the user to confirm that calculations marked as accurate never degrade.

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CalcFocus Solutions - Forecast


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