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Improve health and wellness for your policyholders

Customers aspire to lead healthier lives and insurers aspire to know their policyholders better. The dacadoo Digital Health Engagement Platform (DHEP) lies at the intersection of both. It helps insurers establish ongoing, value-added relationships with policyholders well beyond policy transactions.

DHEP is a health and wellness technology platform that’s offered as-a-service and includes a web and mobile software application, data warehouse and analytics model. It’s available standalone or pre-integrated with the Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform (ALIP).

Using health and wellness data from DHEP, insurers can produce a policyholder’s overall Health Score—a unique feature of the platform—and help them improve it through coaching, gamification and other relevant and meaningful engagement throughout the policyholder’s life.

Establish and maintain an ongoing value-added relationship with your policyholders well beyond the initial transaction!

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