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The first analytics solution designed exclusively for life and annuity businesses. And it’s ready out of the box!

Analytics is about knowing your business, so why consider using an analytics solution that wasn’t specifically built for your business? That’s the question we asked and the reason we designed the first analytics solution specifically for the life and annuity business.

The power to predict, perfect, perform

Accenture Life & Annuity Analytics is a turn-key, as-a-service solution with more than 150 prebuilt insights and 20+ dashboards from predictive and forecasting models based on use cases across five specific life and annuity domains:

  • New business and underwriting
  • Operational performance
  • Agent and customer behavior
  • Product and marketing
  • Risk and fraud

Accenture Life & Annuity Analytics extracts and transforms data from any source—ALIP, other internal systems or third parties—into our data model. It then applies Accenture's data science and L&A operations expertise to render the data in prebuilt, insurance-specific dashboards that produce advanced reporting in addition to predictive and forecasting models, including actionable insights.

* With Accenture’s solution, there’s no costly development time or resources. License only the dashboards that are relevant to your business. Watch the demos and use cases for more information.


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