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Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform (ALIP) Overview

Accenture Life and Annuity Software

Powering modern day needs today and into the future

Widely recognized as an industry-leading software suite, ALIP is proven in its ability to help insurers transition to the speed and agility today’s economy demands. And we are leading the way—with our innovation, R&D, and on-going investments—for carriers like you to achieve the digital superiority and operational excellence that can carry you successfully into the future.

With ALIP you get one of the most innovative, fully configurable, feature-rich solutions on the market. ALIP, combined with our expanded digital portfolio capabilities, serves the full spectrum of your business and delivery channels. These technologies are designed to engage the full customer lifecycle and directly improve customer service and brand loyalty.

The ALIP portfolio is a scalable software suite that provides solutions to meet your needs from booking new business through to claims and payout. ALIP’s pre-integrated, pre-populated business rules and actuarial calculation engines help you accelerate product introduction, streamline and simplify product and business configuration, and improve efficiencies by automating the policy lifecycle.

ALIP's digital portfolio components seamlessly extend your ALIP infrastructure and services into the cloud and take service delivery and customer support to the next level. Use our ALIP Portal technology to support mobile users and self-service capabilities; gain greater insight with analytics and digital auditing; and provide a superior customer experience with personalized video communications.

An end-to-end, scalable and fully integrated platform

ALIP’s componentized architecture automates operations across the full policy lifecycle. It seamlessly integrates throughout your IT ecosystem with an extensive library of prebuilt interfaces and APIs offered out-of-the-box to provide end-to-end processing...from new business, to case management and underwriting, through to policy administration and payout.

Know with confidence that whether you modernize the full policy lifecycle or a specific component, our software integrates easily with existing systems. ALIP delivers best-in-class capabilities—all available on-premises, in the cloud, hosted, as a service or through BPO— giving you the ultimate in flexibility and choice.


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