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CalcFocus illustration and administration solutions represent a state-of-the-art, pragmatic approach to configurability and a dogmatic approach to quality.

CalcFocus delivers new technology life, health and annuity illustration and administration software. CalcFocus solution architecture emphasizes inforce / what-if projections, especially for complex product types, that keep policyholders “on track” and identify up-sale and cross-sale opportunities. CalcFocus cloud enabled applications, that allow for both SaaS and traditional software deployments, include best-fit-to-needs product recommendations; multiple touch point policy illustrations, new business and e-application enrollments, and event based policy administration. CalcFocus solutions contemplate direct to consumer platforms that include all product types based on “customer first” and “customer direct” principles from acquisition through ultimate policy claim. CalcFocus solutions include employee class based voluntary benefit products as well as individual products. CalcFocus’ superior configuration, development, SDLC, and quality tools enable rapid addition of new life and annuity plans; and/or rapid integration of newly acquired blocks of business and/or new carrier acquisitions.

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