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Retirement Services Learning Path

General Knowledge

Overview of Retirement Plans

Retirement Plan Enrollments: Some Operational Practices

Basic Investment Concepts

Money in Motion

Industry Updates via Social Media

DOL Microsite

Targeted Development


Retirement Fundamentals (SRI 111)

Retirement Savings & Investments (SRI 121)

Planning for a Secure Retirement (SRI 131)


Successful Retirement Outcomes (SRI 210)

Retirement Marketing & Business Acquisition (SRI 220)

Retirement Administration (SRI 230)

Profitability in the Retirement Business (SRI 240)


Transforming Retirement Security (SRI 500)

Leadership Development

Secure Retirement Institute

Webinar – Client Centricity

News & Research: Retirement

Fellow Secure Retirement Institute (FSRI)

Executive Development

Retirement Industry Conference

Retirement Plans Committee

Group Retirement & Institutional Products Committee