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Accounting and Finance

Recommended Learning Path


15-Minute Insurance Overview

The Life of an Insurance Policy

Overview of Life Insurance Accounting

How Insurance Companies Make Money

Ethical Conduct in the Insurance Industry


Meeting Customer Needs with Insurance and Annuities (LOMA 281)

Improving The Bottom Line: Insurance Industry Operations (LOMA 291)

Business and Financial Concepts for Insurance Professionals (LOMA 308)

Accounting and Financial Reporting in Life Insurance Companies (LOMA 361)

Institutional Investing: Principles and Practices (LOMA 357)

Insurance Administration (LOMA 302)


Marketing in financial Services Companies (LOMA 321)

Business Law for Financial Services Professionals (LOMA 311)

Operational Excellence in Financial Services Companies (LOMA 335)

Risk Management and Product Design for Insurance Companies (LOMA 371)