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Customer Service and Operations Surveys

Quality customer service is a crucial factor in determining a company's success in today's highly competitive marketplace, and it’s no secret that improving customer service is a worthwhile investment. To help your company stay a step ahead of the competition, choose from LOMA's extensive selection of customer service products and programs that include:

FOCUS® Customer Opinion Survey

Takes a snapshot of the level of customer service your company provides. This standardized survey probes into areas that are of utmost importance to financial services companies and allows you to benchmark your results with the results of other companies.

FOCUS® Tracking System

Monitors your customer service initiatives on an ongoing basis. Receive periodic analyses and recommendations based on the compiled data.

Data Analysis and Linkage Reporting

Lets you analyze the data you have already collected to uncover factors that drive employee or customer satisfaction.

LOMA's Service Turnaround Times Surveys

Valuable tools in comparing your organization's performance to other companies. The reports can help guide you in setting internal benchmarks and performance standards. Available for North American markets, Individual Life Insurance and Annuities.