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Employee Opinion Tools

Employee Opinion Surveys & Consultations

Looking to address specific issues in areas of concern to your company? We will work with you to develop the appropriate survey to meet your goals. Depending on your company's needs, LOMA can:

  • Meet with your management team to identify specific objectives and concerns.
  • Design a survey which specifically addresses these objectives and concerns.
  • Help you communicate your survey objectives and promote participation to your employees and management.
  • Assist with your survey administration or completely administer the survey for you.
  • Recommend ways to improve on issues and problems revealed by the survey.

Exit Interview Program

Looking for an easy and reliable way to uncover reasons for turnover? Our program provides the information you can use to develop an effective retention strategy, and features:

  • Web-based data collection
    Encourages more candid feedback from exiting employees. It’s also convenient since employees can complete the questionnaire at work or at home.
  • Quick, easy administration
    Within one business day after receiving the employee’s response, LOMA forwards a typed transcription to you. We handle the data collection so you can spend your time on other things.
  • Customization for your business
    We work with you to develop an exit interview questionnaire that best suits your needs and captures data useful for understanding causes of voluntary turnover.