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Virtual Worker Assessment

Our Virtual Worker assessment is designed to help your managers and employees effectively make the transition and deal with the challenges of a nontraditional work setting. 

What Virtual Worker Assesses

Virtual Worker assesses employees on three dimensions: Skills, Preferences, and Characteristics.

  • The Virtual Worker Skills dimension measures the degree an employee possesses critical skills related to technology and communication that are desirable in a virtual work environment.
  • The Virtual Work Preference dimension measures the extent to which the employee’s work preferences match with the requirements of a virtual work setting.
  • Finally, the Virtual Worker Characteristics measures the extent to which an employee matches the personal characteristics needed to succeed in a virtual work environment.

Reports You Receive

Virtual Worker provides two important reports that can help indicate how successful an employee will be while working remote:

  • The Manager Feedback Report details an employee’s strengths and weaknesses across Virtual Worker’s key competencies and provides coaching tips that can be shared with the employee.
  • The Employee Feedback and Development report provides the employee with his or her top two strengths and weaknesses and includes suggestions for activities to assist with development.

More Details

What It Does

The Virtual Worker assessment assesses competencies critical for success in a virtual/remote work environment. The assessment is designed for use both in selection and development of current employees. Virtual Worker helps predict performance in a virtual environment that differs from how jobs are performed in a traditional office environment.

Why This Is Important

We know maintaining strong business operations while moving more employees to a remote work environment is a top priority. Therefore, we developed Virtual Worker to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Administration Details

The Virtual Worker assessment can be administered online, takes 15–20 minutes to complete, and generates feedback reports immediately upon completion.

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