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LOMA Interview Management System

Create and maintain effective interview practices

The LOMA Interview Management System (LIMS) is an integrated, customizable suite of tools that provides:

  • Pre-developed interview guides for typical agency positions
  • Cloud-based tools to customize guides (as desirable) using a library of structured interview questions or the agency’s own questions
  • Immersion scenarios that allow agencies to go beyond simply asking questions. These behavioral assessment scenarios place the candidate in immersive situations (e.g., sales situations) and allow the interviewer to see how the candidate will handle them
  • Short, cloud-based training modules on effective interviewing and how to use LIMS to optimize both the identification of the right candidates and candidates’ reactions to the interview process
  • Resource folders containing LOMA materials that can be supplied to candidates on the insurance industry and its jobs. Agencies can also store their own materials (e.g., candidate hand-outs, evaluation forms) in these folders
  • Evaluation forms and tools that make it easy to evaluate candidates
  • Continuous improvement. As LOMA enhances the system in response to suggestions from agencies, those improvements will be made available without additional charge to agencies licensing the system

Additional Features

LIMS supports the entire interview process:

  • LOMA supplies extensive materials to help provide candidates with an understanding of the insurance industry and its jobs. LIMS organizes these materials in electronic Resource Folders to allow agencies to email them to candidates or print them out for on-site hand-outs.
  • The system automatically creates an evaluation form for each interview guide, and these forms can be downloaded by agency personnel with the click of a button. Together, the guide and evaluation form make it straightforward to conduct effective…and defensible…interviews.
  • All of the system’s features (training and materials) are accessed through a user portal that serves as the one stop shopping source for everything connected to the interview process.

User-Friendly System

LIMS is available 24/7. Help resources include a comprehensive User Guide and short videos that walk users through specific tasks. And LOMA’s Client Support Specialists are just a phone call or email away.

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