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HSAs...An Emerging Retirement Strategy

October 23, 2018

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are increasingly becoming a key part of healthcare conversations, but they can be a powerful tool in retirement conversations as well. While many employees use an HSA for current health care costs, they can be saved and invested to help better prepare for those costs in retirement.

  • Hear what’s driving the increased popularity of HSAs among employers
  • Gain insight about HSAs appeal as a triple tax savings vehicle
  • Hear what employers are doing to educate their employees about HSAs to increase participation
  • Learn about market projections and what's driving growth

Our featured speaker is Will Applegate, Vice President, HSA Business Development/Workplace Investing, at Fidelity Investments. Gary Lineberry, Managing Director, Retirement Education Solutions, LOMA Secure Retirement Institute will join him in what promises to be an informative and engaging discussion.