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LOMA Introduces Comprehensive Interviewing Management System

ATLANTA — February 22, 2018 — LOMA recently announced the addition of the LOMA Interview Management System (LIMS), an integrated, customizable suite of tools that make it easy for organizations to create and maintain effective interview practices. The system provides short, cloud-based training modules on effective interviewing to optimize both the identification of the right candidates and candidates’ reactions to the interview process.

“LIMS allows companies to go beyond simply asking questions,” said Jeff Hasty, senior vice president and corporate secretary at LOMA. “It is suitable for any position in the financial services industry and offers behavioral assessment scenarios that place the candidate in immersive situations and allows the interviewer to see how the candidate will handle them.”

The LIMS features are accessed through a user portal that serves as the single source for everything connected to the interview process. The system provides five core modules (about one hour in total) that provide a collective suite of training on effective interviewing and how to use the system that includes:

  • Introduction and legal considerations
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Conducting the basic interview
  • Conducting the special topics interview
  • Evaluating candidates

Learn more at www.loma.org/LIMS.



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