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LOMA Launches Customer Experience Training to Help Insurers Create a Unified Customer-First Mindset

Using gamification, Impact Cx: The Quest offers operational insights into the value of creating a strong customer experience

ATLANTA, June 1, 2017—LOMA today launched an online, gamified course to help life insurance and P&C companies ensure their home office employees understand the foundations of the customer journey and gain appreciation for how all operational areas of an insurer affect the customer experience.

The course, Impact Cx: The Quest, is designed to help an organization create a unified customer-first mindset by

  • raising awareness of the impact that both customer-facing and non-customer facing actions can have on the customer,
  • building empathy for the customer, and
  • demonstrating ways that customer expectations for communication and service are changing.

“The customer experience is an increasingly important differentiator for insurance companies, and most companies are engaged in initiatives to improve this aspect of their business,” said Kathy Milligan, FLMI, ACS, senior vice president of LOMA’s Education and Training Division. “Helping employees understand how they affect the customer experience is a critical success factor in these initiatives. Impact Cx: The Quest offers concrete, relatable examples, raising employees’ awareness of how their actions—no matter what their role is—may impact customers.”

Impact Cx: The Quest is a gamified course that consists of five “missions,” or branching scenarios that emphasize concepts such as empathy, journey mapping, and customer experience advocacy. Designed for individual play on a mobile device, the course allows learners to take on different roles within a fictional insurer and make staff-level and company-level decisions that will affect the experience of customers.

Organizations that purchase the gamified course will receive a suite of resources to help them roll out the course as part of a larger Cx initiative. The organization will also have access to follow-up education support for conducting company-specific group discussions. Full implementation of Impact Cx: The Quest, along with company-specific training on policies and practices, promotes a long-term shift to a more customer-focused mindset that can help companies achieve their strategic goals for improving the customer experience.

“Effective gamification leverages game design and behavioral science to create the optimal context for learning and behavior change,” noted Milligan. “We believe companies will find Impact Cx: The Quest to be a powerful tool for motivating performance, driving business results, and generating a competitive advantage.”


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