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LIMRA and LOMA Online Social Media Training for Insurance and Financial Services Professionals

Mindset Digital Courses Demonstrate How to Leverage LinkedIn and Twitter to Build Your Brand

WINDSOR, Conn., Oct. 28, 2015 ─ LIMRA, LOMA and Mindset Digital today announced a new set of Leading in a Social World courses, designed to get financial professionals up to speed on the most powerful social media channels.

“To be a leader in a digital age, you must be a digitally savvy leader,” said Debra Jasper, the founder and CEO of Mindset Digital, which designed the courses. “Smart leaders understand that you can’t just outsource digital, you must understand it.”

According to LIMRA research, 7 in 10 young advisors are using social media; yet more than two thirds believe they need more support. Today, just 60 percent of companies have social media programs to support their financial professionals.

“Our members are always looking for ways to use technology to improve business outcomes,” said Kathy Milligan, LOMA senior vice president of education and training. “This new training teaches the critical aspects of each social media channel and helps executives to thrive in a digital world.”

The courses show leaders in insurance, banking and other financial institutions how to:

  • Enhance their personal and professional online reputation
  • Expand their networks
  • Showcase their thought leadership
  • Listen to key audiences
  • Grow their organization’s brand

The new courses — part of a Leading In a Social World curricula — will be offered in a series of 15-minute segments that can be viewed online 24/7.

Together, LIMRA, LOMA and Mindset Digital are committed to being the leading choice and provider of digital training to the top insurance and financial services companies around the world.


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Catherine Theroux, 860-285-7787, ctheroux@limra.com
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Joseph Licata, licata@mindsetdigital.com

LIMRA is a worldwide research, consulting and professional development organization that helps more than 850 insurance and financial services companies in 64 countries. Visit LIMRA at www.limra.com.

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Mindset Digital gets you up to speed in a digital world. We offer online certifications in digital marketing, selling in a social world, leading in a social world and more. We understand that everyone is crazy busy, so our highly visual, interactive courses are offered in 15-minute sessions that you can watch on your smartphone or tablet. We’ve also provided keynotes and in-depth camps to more than 23,000 people in person — so we know how you learn and what you most want to know. To find out more, visit mindsetdigital.com