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Managing in a Virtual World

The use of remote staff members is growing. And for your organization, it can become a viable option — or a costly experiment!

Managers need to lead their virtual teams to success and must be equipped to navigate the unique challenges associated with virtual work arrangements.

Managing in a Virtual World is LOMA’s training program for managers of remote workers. It shows how to:

  • Foster high levels of communication
  • Boost worker productivity
  • Deepen staff engagement and commitment

It's Convenient!
This contemporary, interactive program is designed for everyone in your organization responsible for managing virtual employees — from individuals to entire teams. It is a facilitator-led experience that can be delivered in either traditional classroom or modular, virtual-classroom formats.

This innovative and interactive training takes place over six hours, broken into four convenient virtual classroom sessions.

It Works!
Participants learn and practice strategies that will immediately help them optimize their management effectiveness in the virtual environment, including:

  • Overcoming cultural challenges, such as preconceived notions or resistance to virtual work
  • Integrating effective assessment techniques into recruiting, selecting, coaching, and developing remote workers
  • Conveying the value of virtual work to others
  • Creating trust and a sense of team for both virtual and on-site workers
  • Establishing meaningful performance standards for virtual teams
  • Building a goal-oriented environment driven by professional achievements

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Educate and empower your managers to lead their teams most effectively
  • Boost productivity from your virtual workforce
  • Retain in-demand talent
  • Improve morale and motivation