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Need 2 Know Testimonials

“Being a baby boomer, at first, I was apprehensive about online learning and somewhat skeptical about online courses. But then I saw the demo and realized that this is a very positive learning experience. Our new employees like the interactive courses and feel that they actually learn more than in traditional courses. Employees also have said that they feel more confident in their jobs and have more knowledge they can use on the job as a result of participating in this new format."

Billy Sims, FLMI, SPHR, CCP, CBP
Vice President, Human Resources
Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance

"I think the courses give the employee a good understanding of the insurance industry. I think it makes it easier for them to understand how their role in the company fits in and I think it makes them better employees. I wish we had this when I was taking LOMA Level 1."

Steven Ward, FLMI, FALU
Underwriting Manager
Genworth Financial

“The best experience in learning that I have ever been involved with and at my pace."

Angela Rodriguez
Administrative Assistant
Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance

“I am old fashioned and like to have a book to take wherever I go. But after working with 281 and 291, I realize that today’s student can really benefit from the interactive style of the on-line learning."

Pat Stevenson, FLMI, ACS, AIAA, ARC, AAPA, ARA
Compliance and Product Specialist
Baltimore Life

"I think the new Online LOMA 281 and 291 are geared to the way people are learning today. When given a choice of online learning or book learning, today’s students prefer the interactive nature of online learning — it’s what they are used to. The courses bring home actual real-world experiences in the insurance arena while teaching the important concepts to LOMA students."

Claims Coordinator
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company

"As a newcomer into the insurance industry the Need 2 Know, LOMA online courses, are helping me tremendously to gain a thorough knowledge of the insurance terminologies and have a better understanding of how the industry works. The great thing about it is that I can access it 24/7 from my home or even if I’m miles away from home. The web application is user friendly and interactive so you are actively engaged in learning the materials plus the mini tests help you prepare for the exam!"

Freshta Nawassan
SSQ Financial Group