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Legacy Designations

Over its 90-year history, LOMA has revised its professional education programs to adapt to changes in the life insurance industry, the financial services environment, and society. As member needs develop, we create new designations and certifications to meet them—and we also retire programs that addressed older needs. LOMA maintains recognition of its legacy designations and encourages designation holders to continue to use them.

A designation holder's online LOMA student record reflects their achievement of these designations, and LOMA provides transcripts and duplicate awards at the designation holder's request. Designation holders may obtain further information, a transcript, or a duplicate award by contacting LOMA's Office of the Registrar.


Associate, Annuity Products and Administration

The Annuity Products and Administration™ (AAPA™) was a five-credit, associate-level designation covering all aspects of annuities—from basic principles through to the complex issues of taxation and regulatory compliance. All five courses in the program were unique to this designation. It was offered through the end of 2015.


Associate, Financial Services Institute

The Associate, Financial Services Institute™ (AFSI®) was an associate-level designation that recognized and rewarded the achievement of industry professionals who had completed five courses within the Fellow, Financial Services Institute™ (FFSI®) Program. It was offered through the end of 2015.


Associate, Insurance Agency Administration™

The professionals who participated in the AIAA™ program completed educational courses designed for administrative, nonsales employees in agency offices and for insurance company home or regional office employees who interact with field administrative staff. The program was retired in 2013.


CPLHI™ Certified Professional, Life and Health Insurance™

The CPLHI was a three-course program in Bahasa Indonesia. It provided a solid foundation for learners in the insurance industry of Indonesia. It was offered until the end of 2018.


Diplomate, Life Health Institute

The Diplomate, Life Health Institute (DLHI) Program was LOMA's only education program to be offered in Arabic before the ALMI courses were translated. The DLHI Program curriculum consisted of three of LOMA's award-winning Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) courses. Through the DLHI Program, students gained an essential understanding of insurance products, insurance marketing, and the operation of insurance companies. The DLHI program was offered until early 2017.


Fellow, Financial Services Institute

The Fellow, Financial Services Institute™(FFSI®) program for financial service professionals was a 10-credit designation program. It provided broad, contextual information through seven core courses and customized, job-specific learning through the FFSI’s unique Professional Achievement Credits (PACs). It was offered through the end of 2015.


Master Fellow, Life Management Institute

The Master Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI/M™) program was designed for FLMIs who wanted to continue their professional education by broadening and applying their knowledge of insurance and other business subjects. The primary aim of the program was to allow learners to develop an understanding of insurance company management and provide an opportunity to apply a variety of techniques in recognizing and solving problems at the strategic level. The program was open only to students who had already earned the FLMI designation.


Professional, Customer Service Institute

The Professional, Customer Service® (PCS®) program built on the fundamentals in LOMA's Associate, Customer Service program. Courses in the PCS program addressed the positive impact and value of understanding and successfully managing customer relationships.


Programa de Formación en Seguros de LOMA

The PFSL program was a designation program offered in Spanish for our learners in Latin America. Five of the courses that made up this designation were the same as the five ALMI designation courses, which are still offered in the region. In an effort to align our designation offerings around the world, we retired the PFSL name but kept the courses that made up that designation. Students in Latin America can continue to earn their ALMI designation by taking courses in Spanish. The PFSL course name and designation were offered through the end of 2019. Any PFSL courses completed before the PFSL name was discontinued can be used as credit toward the ALMI designation.


Programa de Formaçao LOMA em Português

The PFLP program was a nine course designation program offered in Portuguese for our learners in Brazil. It was made up of a select courses from the FLMI, ARA, UND and ACS designations. It was offered through the end of 2019.

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