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The Value of FSRI: A Conversation with Nationwide

Gary Lineberry, Managing Director, LOMA Retirement Education Solutions sat down with LOMA member and Nationwide Retirement Plans executive Jeff Stein, Vice President, Operations, to discuss how Nationwide views the Fellow, Secure Retirement Institute (FSRI) and how the program is integrated into education and training for their staff and associates.
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LOMA Education: A Conversation with Nationwide

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Educating Staff

Educating and Training Staff

Watch the discussion as they discuss Nationwide's "culture of investing in associates" and how it serves as a motivation to grow professionally. (1:30)

Streamling FSRI Training

Mr. Stein talks about tuition reimbursement and how they worked to remove internal enrollment barriers within the organization. (1:48)


The FSRI and Customer Satisfaction

"Our people make the difference." (1:17)

The FSRI and Technical Training

"The FSRI program helps our associates 'connect the dots' and better understand why they do what they do." (1:22)

New Hires

The FSRI as a Platform for New Hires

Mr. Stein discusses how the FSRI provides solid foundational learning; "retirement plans essentials." (1:10)
Core Curriculum

The FSRI: Foundation and Core Curriculum

The FSRI curriculum, much like the core curriculum of a college degree, provides a foundation for more advanced education in specialized fields. (1:18)


The Investment in Education

As part of their culture, Nationwide understands the value of investing in employees; in turn, staff and associates enjoy professional growth, along with greater engagement and rewards. (1:53)
Support Areas

Training the Support Areas

With valuable learning through the FSRI program, support staff can learn more about the business, which helps provide better support. (:58)

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