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What Others Are Saying

Reading a course outline or designation overview only tells you what's in the curriculum. Hearing from other students and companies about how a professional development program has affected them—that tells you about its impact, its immediate usefulness, and its value to a career or an organization.

  • Jennifer Benson

    Lincoln Financial Group
    The LOMA Retirement Education Program is essential to the development of employees at all levels of our organization. In my role as a Performance Consultant, I recommend LOMA classes to employees so they can deepen their knowledge of the annuity and life insurance industry and understand how critical and complex it is for our clients to plan for retirement. LOMA coursework provides continuing education throughout our employees’ careers and reinforces the importance of their day to day work.
  • Christina Bentley

    Allstate Financial Services, LLC
    It has been personally rewarding to help LOMA on such an important task because I am so passionate about the need to constantly push ourselves to learning and discover what is beyond our day-to-day box that we can get stuck in. The industry is ever evolving to keep up with people's needs as our population ages and expands. Continuing to learn and exploring beyond our own daily functions and responsibilities are how we can ensure we move ourselves forward along with the industry. Having worked in the financial and retirement industry for many years, I still continue to expand my knowledge about the many different products, options, and investments that are available. LOMA is putting in our hands a resource that will not only help employees better grasp how they fit into the financial industry, but also understand the bigger picture of how important this industry is to helping to guide peoples financial futures.

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