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Certificate in Regulatory Compliance Essentials

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Compliance is one of the most critical issues facing insurers today, as it affects all operational areas of an insurance company, such as marketing, sales, underwriting, actuarial, claims, accounting, investments and customer service.

In response to this industry need, the two capstone courses in our Associate, Insurance Regulatory Compliance (AIRC) designation have been revised, updated, and enhanced with online interactive features. These new courses help employees understand the regulatory environment in which the company operates and also make the content more accessible and engaging to all employees in the insurance industry. An employee who completes the two compliance courses will:

  • Distinguish between federal and state authority with respect to regulating the U.S. life insurance industry
  • Become familiar with compliance concepts, terms and processes
  • Recognize the purposes and requirements of major laws and regulations governing the insurance industry and various insurance products
  • Earn course credits toward the Associate, Insurance Regulatory Compliance (AIRC) designation


  • Introduction to Compliance
  • State Regulation of the Insurance Industry
  • State Regulation of Insurance Company Formation and Operation
  • State Regulation of Insurance Producers
  • State Filing and Approval Requirements
  • State Regulation of Insurance Operations
  • Market Analysis and Examinations
  • Regulation of Insurer Solvency
  • Federal Regulation of Insurance
  • Federal Regulation of Securities
  • Federal Taxation of Insurance Products
  • Regulation of Individual Life Insurance Products
  • Life Insurance Advertising and Disclosure Requirements
  • Regulation of Individual Health Insurance Products
  • Health Insurance Advertising and Solicitation
  • Regulation of Specific Health Insurance Products
  • Regulation of Managed Care Plans
  • Regulation of Reinsurance Agreements
  • State Regulation of Group Life and Health Insurance
  • Federal Regulation of Group Life and Health Insurance Plans
  • Regulation of Credit Life and Health Insurance
  • Regulation of Annuities and Retirement Products


Learners must complete AIRC 411 and AIRC 421 to earn the Certificate in Regulatory Compliance Essentials.

AIRC 411 — The Regulatory Environment for Life Insurance

AIRC 411 discusses the compliance function in a life insurance company and how the state and federal governments regulate life insurance companies operating in the United States. Content is specific to U.S. laws and regulations.

AIRC 421 — Regulation of Life Insurance Products, Sales & Operations

AIRC 421 explains state and federal regulation of life insurance and annuity product design. The course also describes the regulation of life company operations, including underwriting, claims, reinsurance, market analysis and examinations. Content is specific to U.S. laws and regulations.


Required Regulatory Compliance courses
Learners must complete both courses
to earn the Certificate.
Compliance 1Compliance 2
AIRC 411AIRC 421
Retirement Essentials: LOMA awards a personalized certificate to learners upon successful completion of AIRC 411 and AIRC 421.