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Associate, Customer Service — Property & Casualty (U.S.)

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The financial services industry is constantly changing, but one thing remains constant—customers expect more from your company. They want accurate answers that they can trust from you.

With LOMA’s Associate, Customer Service™ (ACS®) Program you can be prepared to meet these new demands. The ACS Program has been designed specifically to help you:

  • Increase your knowledge of financial services
  • Understand customer expectations, patterns, and behavior
  • Become a customer experience advocate and protect customers

Jointly sponsored by LOMA and The Institutes, the U. S. Property & Casualty track of the ACS Program will provide you with a solid understanding of customer service and how it affects property/liability, personal and commercial insurance, regulation, claims and more. For information on enrolling for The Institutes’ courses, see the contact information below:

The Institutes
Customer Success Team
720 Providence Road, Suite 100
Malvern, PA 19355-3433
Tel: 800-644-2101/Fax: 610-725-1010
Email: customersuccess@theinstitutes.org
Website: web.theinstitutes.org/


  • Customer Service
  • Property/Liability Insurance
  • Personal/Commercial Insurance
  • Reinsurance
  • Operations and Administration
  • Cyber Risk


Learners must complete three required courses and two electives to earn the ACS designation.

ACS 100 — Foundations of Customer Service

ACS 100 provides a comprehensive introduction to customer service in a financial services environment. The course explores the knowledge and skills employees need to understand and deliver exceptional customer service.

ACS 101 — Customer Service for Insurance Professionals

ACS 101 is an online course that uses a variety of media to provide a comprehensive overview of the role of customer service in insurance and financial services organizations and the skills that all employees—not just customer-facing staff—need to deliver exceptional customer service.

AINS 21—Property and Liability Insurance Principles

AINS 21 introduces property and liability insurance, answering such basic questions as to what is it, who provides it, how is it regulated, and what losses does it cover.

AINS 22—Personal Insurance

AINS 22 gives a general overview of various types of insurance for individuals and families.

AINS 23—Commercial Insurance

AINS 23 provides a general overview of various types of insurance for businesses.

IR 201—Insurance Regulation

IR 201 provides an introduction to insurance regulation and compliance.

AIC 30—Claim Handling Principles and Practices

AIC 30 serves as an introduction to the claim representative’s role and duties, including human relations, communication, investigation, negotiation, claims management, ethical behavior, and professionalism.

AIS 25—Delivering Insurance Services

AIS 25 delivers a working knowledge of the terms, tools, and ideas of quality management that are used in effective interaction with customers and coworkers.

ARe 144—Reinsurance Principles and Practices: Introduction to Reinsurance

ARe 144 covers reinsurance principles and practices, including major types of programs, the placement process, treaty language, audits, regulation, and reserves.

CYBER 301—Managing Cyber Risk

CYBER 301 provides information to help your organization confront rapidly evolving threats from the digital realm by developing holistic strategies to manage cyber risk, respond to data breaches, and comply with new regulations.


Required ACS coursesElective ACS courses — select two
Learners must complete three required courses and two electives to earn the ACS designation.
Customer ServiceProperty/ Liability PrinciplesPersonal/ Commercial InsurancePersonal/ Commercial InsuranceInsurance RegulationInformation TechnologyClaimsInsurance ServicesReinsurance
ACS 100
ACS 101
(whichever was not taken as a required course)
IRI 201CYBER 301AIC 30AIS 25ARe 144
 For details on the required and elective courses offered by The Institutes, visit www.theinstitutes.org.

Course Credit Notes

Learners who have credit for the courses below automatically receive ACS credit for the applicable course category shown.

Customer Service program categoryDiscontinued course
ClaimsAIC 33
ReinsuranceARe 141
Information TechnologyAIT 131

See the ACS 101 intro video
ACS 101 Intro screen