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SRI 500 — Transforming Retirement Security

Course Type: Course Portal, Designation
Topics: Financial Services & Financial Planning, Management & Leadership, Marketing & Business Acquisition, Operations & Administration, Retirement & Annuities
Designations: FSRI
Language: English


This course examines how the U.S. retirement system, as well as retirement systems in selected countries, attempt to provide retirement security. It presents the regulatory structure and economics that support the U.S. retirement system; examines forces and trends challenging retirement systems to provide retirement security; and explores the potential for innovation and transformation in the retirement systems of the future.

To earn course credit for SRI 500, learners must successfully complete three required components.

Step 1

A media-rich, interactive online learning experience that reviews the three pillars of the retirement system and introduces the regulatory structure of the U.S. retirement system. An end-of-module Knowledge Check will assess your mastery of the material.

Step 2

A traditional textbook-based study experience covering retirement system economics, policy and demographics and the potential for transforming retirement outcomes. This section includes interactive learning aids, expert view videos, practice questions, and a sample examination that prepares you for the self-proctored examination.

Step 3

A graded application assignment that requires you to demonstrate your ability to think innovatively about the future of retirement systems by analyzing an article or case study, or conducting research.


  • Retirement system overview
  • Structure of the retirement system regulation
  • The history of retirement regulation
  • Retirement system economics, policy, and demographics
  • Understanding retirement sytem outcomes for indivdiual and workplace plans
  • Transforming retirement system outcomes through GDP growth and innovation in financial services
  • Describe the three pillars of a retirement system
  • Describe the regulatory structure supporting the United States retirement system and recognize significant United States retirement laws and regulations
  • Describe the components of gross domestic product (GDP) and explain how changes in GDP and a population's demographics and standard of living affect economic growth and ultimately retirement outcomes
  • Compare the United States retirement system to the retirement systems in Japan, Chile, Canada, the Netherlands, and Australia
  • Explain how Social Security, financial products, and financial advice impact retirement security in general, and more specifically, women and minority populations
  • Explain measures of successful DC and DB retirement plan outcomes and describe the effects of the regulatory environment, working longer, and the economy can have on retirement plan outcomes
  • Describe the beneficial effects of GDP growth for stakeholders in the economy—including individuals and households, business organizations, and government—and the retirement system, as well as strategies for GDP growth through innovation.

Course Format

SRI 500 uses blended learning to present the materials. Enrollment in this course includes:

  • Step 1: An interactive online module with integrated knowledge check
  • Step 2: Study materials, including a PDF text, interactive learning aids, practice questions, and a sample exam to prepare learners for the self-proctored examination component
  • Step 3: Application assignments that allow learners to apply course concepts to innovative thought leadership
  • Recommended study plans to help learners set goals and manage their study schedule
  • A variety of additional media-oriented features designed to enhance the study and review process

You must complete Step 1 to unlock access to Steps 2 and 3. LOMA strongly recommends that you complete Step 2 before moving on to Step 3.

Exam Format

The self-proctored exam contains 40 multiple-choice questions, and you will have 80 minutes to complete the exam. Contact us at 1-800-ASK LOMA (Option1) for more details about this self-proctored exam requirement.

Study Materials

All study materials are available through the SRI 500 course portal.

Step 1

Online lessons only.

Step 2

Transforming Retirement Security (LL Global, Inc., 2017)
ISBN 978-1-57974-452-6
Available in PDF format only, can be downloaded.

SRI 500 Practice Questions and Sample Examination (LL Global, Inc., 2017)
Available in Interactive Study Aid format on course portal.

Step 3

SRI 500 Assignments (LL Global, Inc., 2017)
Available for download or online access.

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