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SRI 240 — Profitability in the Retirement Business

This new course provides a “big picture” orientation to the financial aspects of the retirement business by exploring ways that companies make money and achieve profitability.


What you need to know about course formats, study materials, fees, revisions, technical requirements, and more.

SRI 230 — Retirement Administration

Administration functions for existing retirement accounts, products, and plans.

SRI 500 — Transforming Retirement Security

An overview of the current system for delivering retirement security, as well as considerations shaping future directions for the system.

SRI 111 — Retirement Fundamentals

A holistic view of the retirement industry as well as retirement planning and preparation information.

SRI 121 — Retirement Savings and Investments

Retail and institutional financial products used to save and invest for retirement, as well as their tax implications.

SRI 131 — Planning for a Secure Retirement

The retirement planning process featuring the primary components of a comprehensive retirement plan.

SRI 210 — Successful Retirement Outcomes

The increasingly significant business of retirement income and the essential steps in retirement income planning.