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LOMA 335 — Operational Excellence for Insurance Professionals

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Course Type: Course Portal, Designation, eBook (English only)
Topics: Life Insurance, Operations & Administration
Designations: FLMI
Language: Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), English, French


LOMA 335 presents financial services from the perspective of a company’s operations management. This course focuses on practical techniques to accomplish the everyday tasks of providing financial services as efficiently as possible.


  • Introduction to Operational Excellence for Insurance Companies
  • Aligning Performance with Corporate Initiatives
  • Leadership for Performance Excellence
  • Motivation and Teamwork for Organizational Success
  • Decisions and Approaches to Decision Making
  • Business Research in Financial Services
  • Decision Models and Payoff Tables
  • Quantitative Modeling for Financial Services
  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics for Operations
  • Quality and Quality Management
  • Business Process Excellence in Financial Services
  • Managing for Excellence in Contact Centers
  • External Requirements for Operations
  • Project Management in Financial Services Companies
  • Define approaches companies use to improve operational efficiency, including automation and process improvements, offering desirable working conditions, providing job-relevant training and education, and using controls effectively.
  • Discuss the decision process and decision criteria that are appropriate in an environment of uncertainty, as well as different types of data distributions, such as a frequency distribution, normal, and non-normal distribution.
  • Explain the goals and activities of quality management, and describe how quality management achieves greater operational efficiency by establishing clear accountability and empowering employees.
  • Describe the importance of real-time managing in the inbound call center environment, and understand key performance indicators for contact centers, including call quality, first-contact resolution, forecast accuracy, and average call value.
  • Describe the insurance regulatory environment in the United States, and discuss the role of self-regulatory organizations (SROs) and professional organizations in defining regulatory standards.
  • Discuss how privacy regulations and regulatory requirements apply to financial service company operations, specifically accounting, financial reporting, auditing, and technology.

Course Format

Course Portals include the following elements:

  • All the assigned study materials needed for the course
  • Interactive Practice Questions and Sample Exams
  • Recommended study plans to help you set goals and manage your study schedule
  • Additional media and features to help in the study and review process

Exam Format

Study materials for this course are delivered via the online Course Portal, and enrollment in the Course Portal also includes enrollment in one of the exam options for the course:

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  • Proctored end-of-course I*STAR exam. The time limit for the proctored exam is 2 hours and the exam includes 60 questions. Proctored examinations can take one of two forms:
    • Computerized / I*STAR exams at a LOMA member organization
    • Computerized / I*STAR exams at Prometric Testing Centers (available in the United States and Canada only)

The course content is the same regardless of the testing option chosen.

Study Materials

Operational Excellence for Insurance Professionals (LOMA, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1-57974-467-0

LOMA’s e-books include text-based content with interactive and multi-media features. Practice and review questions, videos, and other interactive features are integrated in the e-book content. This creates a more dynamic, engaging way to learn important topics.

The content downloaded to the e-reader will be available indefinitely. Features that are accessible only through the course portal (sample exam, end-of-module exams, etc.) will no longer be available after the 6-month enrollment period.

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What happens if learners make a mistake and choose the wrong testing option?

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