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LOMA 302 — The Policy Lifecycle: Insurance Administration

Course Type: Designation, Highly Interactive Online Course
Topics: Customer Service, Life Insurance, Operations & Administration
Designations: ACS, ALMI, ARA, FLMI
Language: English, French


LOMA 302 is an online interactive course that uses a variety of media to present an in-depth study of insurance administration activities for individual and group life insurance, focusing on underwriting, customer service, and claims activities. The course includes examples from actual insurance applications and actual claims that allow the student to apply the knowledge learned in the course to real-life situations. LOMA 302 counts as the same course credit as LOMA 301 — Insurance Administration.


  • Overview of Insurance Administration
  • The New Business Process
  • Underwriting Principles
  • Assessing Mortality Risk in Individual Life Insurance
  • Financial Underwriting for Individual Life Insurance
  • Risk Classification for Individual Life Insurance
  • Underwriting Specialized Coverages and Supplemental Benefits
  • Underwriting Group Life Insurance
  • Effective Customer Service
  • Policyowner Service Transactions
  • Overview of Claim Administration
  • Administering Life Insurance Claims
  • Claims for Supplemental Benefits

Module 1: Overview of Insurance Administration and Underwriting

  • Lesson 1 — Overview of Insurance Administration covers topics such as systems processing, data management, data analytics, ethics, regulations, and reinsurance.
  • Lesson 2 — The New Business Process and Underwriting Principles describes the new business process and includes topics such as the underwriting philosophy and guidelines, field underwriting, and teleunderwriting.
  • Lesson 3 — Individual Life Insurance: Assessing Mortality Risk lists underwriting sources for medical and personal history information and describes how underwriters assess mortality risk.
  • Lesson 4 — Individual Life Insurance: Financial Underwriting and Risk Classification describes financial underwriting and explains how underwriters determine the risk class.

Module 2: Specialized Underwriting

  • Lesson 1 — Underwriting Specialized Coverages and Supplemental Benefits covers the underwriting of multi-life policies, juvenile insurance policies, direct response policies, business insurance, key-person insurance, replacement policies, and supplemental benefits.
  • Lesson 2 — Underwriting Group Life Insurance describes sources of group life underwriting information and the group underwriting process.

Module 3: Customer Service

  • Lesson 1 — Effective Customer Service includes topics such as becoming customer-centric, improving the customer experience, and monitoring customer service quality.
  • Lesson 2 — Policyowner Service looks more closely at providing excellent customer service in the insurance company by describing routine and complex policyowner service transactions.

Module 4: Claim Administration

  • Lesson 1 — Overview of Claim Administration describes the claim philosophy, the overall claim administration process, and improving quality in claims administration.
  • Lesson 2 — Administering Life Insurance Claims looks at the specific steps in the life insurance claims evaluation process.
  • Lesson 3 — Completing the Claims Evaluation Process focuses on paying claims and the rights of beneficiaries.

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