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Insurance Immersion

U.S. Program

Course Type: Classroom, Instructor-Led
Topics: Life Insurance
Language: English, Spanish


Entering the world of life insurance and annuities can be a daunting experience. The vast array of complex products, functions, and terminology can be difficult to understand — let alone master. Industry professionals need a broad understanding of life insurance and annuities and a proven way to quickly assimilate industry knowledge.

That is why we’ve created Insurance Immersion.

Insurance Immersion is an instructor-led, activity based program that provides the essential knowledge and tools necessary for success. Designed by LOMA and highly-respected insurance professionals specifically for the life insurance industry, this innovative immersion approach offers several key benefits:

  • It’s effective. In a lively and highly participatory learning process, participants live and breathe insurance.
  • It's fast. Participants accelerate their transition to the industry and make positive contributions quickly and effectively.
  • It’s comprehensive. The program’s instructors are subject matter experts highly respected for their real-world experience and industry knowledge.


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