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AIRC 421 — Regulation of Life Insurance Products, Sales & Operations

Course Type: Highly Interactive Online Course, Designation
Topics: Compliance & Legal
Designations: AIRC, ARA, Compliance Essentials
Language: English


AIRC 421 explains state and federal regulation of life insurance and annuity product design. The course also describes the regulation of life company operations, including underwriting, claims, reinsurance, market analysis and examinations.


  • Regulation of Individual Life Insurance Products
  • Life Insurance Advertising and Disclosure Requirements
  • Regulation of Individual Health Insurance Products
  • Health Insurance Advertising and Solicitation
  • Regulation of Specific Health Insurance Products
  • Regulation of Managed Care Plans
  • Regulation of Reinsurance Agreements
  • State Regulation of Group Life and Health Insurance
  • Federal Regulation of Group Life and Health Insurance Plans
  • Regulation of Credit Life and Health Insurance
  • Regulation of Annuities and Retirement Products
  • Describe the market analysis process.
  • Identify the types of market conduct actions that state insurance departments may take and explain the purpose of a target examination.
  • Describe how states coordinate market conduct oversight.
  • Describe how state insurance departments schedule market conduct examinations and the techniques they use to conduct examinations.
  • Describe the scope of market conduct oversight by the state insurance department.
  • Identify the types of business records that examiners may review while conducting a market conduct examination.
  • Describe the process state insurance departments use to report on a market conduct examination and the actions they may take when an examination report indicates violations.

Course Format

LOMA’s popular online interactive courses teach important industry concepts through an engaging, highly interactive, multi-media approach that often includes integrated video, audio and scenario-based learning. Online interactive courses are designation courses with integrated exams—the modularized examinations are built right into the course as part of the learning experience. No separate exam enrollment required!

Exam Format

Integrated Exams

Online interactive courses are non-proctored designation courses—the modularized examinations are built right into the course as part of the learning experience. No separate exam enrollment required!

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