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15-Minute Insurance Industry Overview

Course Type: Short Online Course
Topics: Onboarding
Language: English


This course will start new employees off right by helping them understand the importance of insurance companies in providing financial protection and security for individuals and families. Learners will also discover how the insurance company in which they work fits within the larger financial services industry, and explore various types of financial services products, with a focus on life insurance.

Time to complete: 15 minutes (in case the title didn't give this away!)


  • Types of organizations that make up the financial services industry
  • Two ways to categorize insurers
  • The purpose of life insurance, health insurance, and annuities
  • The government’s role in the financial services industry
  • The importance of compliance activities

Course Format

Short Online Courses and Course Collections

LOMA offers a number of online courses that can be completed in an hour, as well as collections on life insurance, annuities, customer service, and sales support. These collections contain four to six short online courses on related topics. They provide an excellent way to get new employees up to speed quickly, educate employees new to an area, and refresh the knowledge of seasoned employees.