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Targeted Training

Maybe you want to learn more about specific financial products, retirement plans, or operations to help improve your performance and enhance your career development. We have courses on a wide variety of insurance and financial services topics.

Life Insurance and Other Types of Insurance

You can gain job-relevant knowledge about insurance products and operations—such as underwriting, claims, customer service, compliance, and reinsurance—and skills to increase business and financial acumen from LOMA courses.


Learn about types of annuities, annuity business regulation, income aspects of annuities, annuity marketing, annuity administration, and the annuity customer experience. Several of these courses also include information on individual retirement arrangements (IRAs) and retirement plans to build your knowledge of the entire retirement industry.


Improve your understanding of the role retirement plans play in retirement planning and income, retirement plan administration and regulation, and plan marketing. You’ll learn how employer-sponsored retirement plans fit into the broader context of the entire retirement planning and income marketplace along with annuities and individual retirement arrangements (IRAs).