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Early Career

When you’re new to the industry, a solid understanding of foundational concepts can help you prepare for successful job performance. LOMA provides a variety of courses and other learning experiences to help you build competence and confidence and contribute to company profitability and growth.

Life Insurance

Just getting started in life insurance? You can benefit from basic knowledge about life insurance principles and products, customer needs, and company operations.


Need to get up to speed on annuity basics? These options will help you build an understanding of annuity principles, types, and uses, as well as how annuity operations contribute to your company’s financial success. Some courses also include information on individual retirement arrangements (IRAs) and retirement plans to show you the bigger picture of retirement saving, investing, planning, and income. .


Need to understand the basics of employer-sponsored retirement plans? You’ll gain essential knowledge about retirement plan structure, benefits, and regulation from these courses. We present plan information in the broader context of the entire retirement planning and income marketplace, along with information on annuities and individual retirement arrangements (IRAs).