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Top 10 ASRI webinar playlist

Top 10 ASRI webinar playlist

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If you’re working toward earning the Associate Secure Retirement Institute (ASRI) designation this year, supplement your learning with our Top 10 Retirement Webinar Playlist. These webinars are brought to you from LOMA.org and come from our “Solutions for Industry Leaders” webinar series and our “Advance Your Knowledge” webinar series. Enjoy!

Just starting out?

1.Why is Retirement Education Important to Me?

This webinar is perfect is you are near the beginning of your ASRI journey. The webinar discusses disruptions affecting the retirement industry, updated Chatham Partner research, and how retirement knowledge can help you in your career. (about 16 minutes)

2.How to Get Started with LOMA’s Retirement Program

We love this webinar because it provides an excellent overview of the ASRI and FSRI (Fellow, Secure Retirement Institute) programs! LOMA's FSRI program provides professionals with the retirement knowledge, critical insights and perspectives they need as they build a foundation for their own success. (about 14 minutes)

3.Steps to Earning Your Certificate in Retirement Essentials

At the VERY beginning of your retirement education journey? Then this webinar is just for you! It explains the fundamental courses for the Certificate in Retirement essentials. (about 13 minutes)

4.Retirement Education for You

Workplace transformation is clear in the insurance & financial services industry today. This webinar covers how LOMA's retirement designation program (FSRI) can assist you with these changes and challenges. (about 14 minutes)

Want to know more?

5.LOMA’s Associate-Level Retirement Program

Considering the ASRI program and want more information? This webinar breaks down the entire program course-by-course in an easy-to-digest way. Enjoy! (about 13 minutes)

6.Your No-Risk Path to Retirement Professional Development

Still have questions about the FSRI program? Check out this webinar that discusses the added value of the program, how to enroll in your next course, and what past students and professional learners had to say! (about 16 minutes)

7.Connecting Professionals in Navigating Industry Transformation: LIMRA LOMA Secure Retirement Institute

If you have ever wondered what the LLSRI (LIMRA LOMA Secure Retirement Institute) means for you, your professional growth, and your financial planning, then this webinar is perfect for you! (about 20 minutes)

From the experts:

8.Client Centricity: Enhancing the Customer Experience

The cost of attracting clients, and the financial impact of losing a profitable one — make it more important than ever to see business through the eyes of the client. Chatham Partners, a leading, independent research and consulting firm for the financial services industry, together with the LIMRA LOMA Secure Retirement Institute, will present their findings from a study on the institutional retirement industry. (about 30 minutes)

9.Financial Wellness: A Market Perspective

Retirement is a piece in the Financial Wellness puzzle. Listen as Brian Dennan with Cuccio Web explains the market perspective about Financial Wellness. (about 25 minutes)

10.HSAs: An Emerging Retirement Strategy

We love this webinar because financial expert Will Applegate from Fidelity Investments takes us through the world of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and how they are not only a means for healthcare but also a powerful tool for retirement. (about 24 minutes)

We hope you find our list helpful with your learning journey! If you want more retirement content, please be sure to follow us on LinkedIn at LIMRA LOMA Secure Retirement Institute.

Posted by Kathy Ryan at 01/18/2019 08:16:44 PM