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Plans for November paper exams

Plans for November paper exams

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November Paper Exams

At this time, we are planning to hold the November 2020 paper exam administration as scheduled.

  • Enrollment opens July 1.
  • The deadline to submit paper enrollment forms is August 7.
  • The deadline to submit enrollments via LOMA’s learning system is August 21.

The safety of your learners is our top priority. We will continue to monitor the global COVID situation. Updates to our paper exam administration plans will be shared with enrolled students and their Ed Reps via email, on the login page at learning.loma.org, and on the Paper Exam Schedule.



  • 笔试的报名于7月1日开始。
  • 书面报名的截止日期为8月7日。
  • 通过LOMA学习系统提交报名的截止日期为8月21日。

我们最关心的是您和您员工的安全,我们将继续密切关注全球COVID疫情。 我们会将笔试计划的更新,通过电子邮件、 learning.loma.org,的登录页面、以及笔试时间表( Paper Exam Schedule)及时通知已经注册的考生和教育代表。



  • 筆試的報名於7月1日開始。
  • 書面報名的截止日期為8月7日。
  • 通過LOMA學習系統提交報名的截止日期為8月21日。

我們最關心的是您和您員工的安全,我們將繼續密切關注全球COVID疫情。 我們會將筆試計畫的更新,通過電子郵件、learning.loma.org, 的登錄頁面、以及筆試時間表(Paper Exam Schedule)及時通知已經註冊的考生和教育代表。

Posted by Kathy Ryan at 07/02/2020 03:04:10 PM