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New SRI Course: SRI 240—Profitability in the Retirement Business

New SRI Course: SRI 240—Profitability in the Retirement Business

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In recent years, companies in the retirement industry have faced significant new challenges to their solvency and profitability from a variety of factors. Now more than ever, retirement industry companies need employees who understand how their companies make money. When employees understand how their company generates revenue and the types of expenses incurred, they can see how their actions contribute to increasing revenue and controlling expenses.

In response to industry needs, LOMA’s Secure Retirement Institute has developed SRI 240—Profitability in the Retirement Business. SRI 240 provides a “big picture” orientation to the financial aspects of the retirement business by exploring

  • Ways that companies make money with various types of retirement products and services
  • Risks to and strategies for achieving profitability in the retirement business
  • The environment in which retirement businesses operate, including emerging trends and potential opportunities

The engaging online format features

  • Content that is fully web-responsive and optimized for all computers and devices
  • Access to interactive elements, such as What Do You Think and Let's Review questions with answer feedback
  • Design-thinking-based figures to reinforce important ideas
  • Frequent examples to help learners apply concepts to the real world
  • Modularized self-proctored exams integrated into the course so learners can complete the course on their own schedules from wherever they’re working
  • A dashboard on the portal for tracking progress through the course
  • Performance reports for exam practice questions, sample exams, and Modular Exams that indicate how student performed on each learning objective

This new course is perfect for retirement industry employees who work in product development and operations, such as actuaries, data scientists, IT support, marketing and sales personnel, and customer service representatives.

An optional course in 2021, SRI 240 will become a requirement for earning the Associate, Secure Retirement Institute (ASRI) designation beginning on January 1, 2022. This means that learners who earn the ASRI by December 31, 2021 are not required to take SRI 240 in order to maintain their ASRI designation or to earn the Fellow, Secure Retirement Institute (FSRI).

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Posted by Kathy Ryan at 02/17/2021 04:47:10 AM