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LOMA 371 now available as an e-book with a self-proctored exam option

LOMA 371 now available as an e-book with a self-proctored exam option

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Part of our Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) program, LOMA 371—Risk Management and Product Development for Life Insurance Companies now offers a self-proctored exam option. 

Now you can complete the entire FLMI program online, with no need for proctored exams! Read more details below. 

The engaging e-book format delivers content as a series of interactive multi-media modules with integrated study aids. This presentation: 

  • Allows for extended explanations as needed for advanced topics
  • Includes meaningful figures and animated videos to explain important concepts in a visual way
  • Features a mobile-friendly responsive design that can be viewed without a continuous Internet connection

The new edition of LOMA 371—Risk Management and Product Development for Life Insurance Companies explains that both risk management and product development are cross-functional endeavors that affect the whole company and the two activities are interconnected. With a holistic picture of risk management and the entire product development process, you will understand more about the reasoning behind your company’s decisions, the structure of a well-designed product, and how your own responsibilities contribute to the achievement of company financial goals. 

Depending on your company’s policy, you may have the option of taking a self-proctored exam at the end of each module.  

Do you need help deciding which testing option is right for them? Our decision tree will help!

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Important Info for Ed Reps

For the best experience, learners should access the interactive e-books using Kotobee Reader (on any device) or Apple Books (on iOS devices). If your company allows students to study using company equipment, please consider “white-listing” these popular e-reader apps to allow your students to download them to their machines.

If downloading one of these e-readers and e-book files to company equipment is not feasible, please advise your learners to choose one of the following alternatives:

  • Using their personal (non-company-provided) computers or mobile devices to access the courses and study materials
  • Using the textbook PDF (found in the “Getting Started” portion of the Course Portal)

Let us know at education@loma.org

Posted by Christie or Info Center at 01/14/2021 03:24:54 PM