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LOMA 357 now available as an e-book!

LOMA 357 now available as an e-book!

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Our latest version of LOMA 357 — Institutional Investing: Principles and Practices — is now open for enrollment! LOMA 357 presents basic investment principles and the “why” and “how” of institutional investing. It's available in our engaging, interactive, e-book format and offers the same exam options as our other e-book courses.

Part of our Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) program, this course emphasizes the topics most relevant to learners who don’t have a background in investments. It helps employees understand the role investments play in the company’s financial well-being, and how investment management affects other functions in the company.

Need help deciding which testing option is right for you? Our decision tree will help!

Important Info for Ed Reps

For the best experience, learners should access the interactive e-books using Kotobee Reader (on any device) or Apple Books (on iOS devices). If your company allows students to study using company equipment, please consider “white-listing” these popular e-reader apps to allow your students to download them to their machines.

If downloading one of these e-readers and e-book files to company equipment is not feasible, please advise your learners to choose one of the following alternatives:

  • Using their personal (non-company-provided) computers or mobile devices to access the courses and study materials
  • Using the textbook PDF (found in the “Getting Started” portion of the Course Portal)

Posted by Kathy Ryan at 11/15/2019 03:12:12 PM