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Gaining a competitive edge

Gaining a competitive edge

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The knowledge acquired through the intense work of earning the FLMI gives designees a professional advantage and an orientation to leadership roles.

The FLMI designation has meant a lot to me. It has given me a much better understanding of the financial industry. I am able to discuss industry-related topics intelligently and to develop well-informed opinions. My designation has caused potential employers to comment on my knowledge and dedication. This has given me an edge over other potential candidates.

I am grateful for the education that I obtained from earning my FLMI designation. It has been a base for the knowledge that I have accrued on the job. It has gained me respect from co-workers and peers. I am proud to be one of the 100,000 FLMI industry professionals.

Senior New Business Associate, Southeast, MoneyGuard Direct New Business, Lincoln Financial Group

Early in my career, I joined an insurance co in southern Cal. They had a program encouraging its employees to enroll in LOMA and pass the exams. I pass LOMA 1 and then stop taking it for a few years. Then I started taking the exams again primarily for the incentive, passing one after another within 12 months and were using the test scores as bragging rights on who has the highest mark among coworkers that took them. Each time I passed an exam, I got a small award from the company.

It also exposed me to how the financial industry operates from accounting, customer service, and investment to IT, etc. It gave me a broad idea which area I wanted to pursue. It helped me better understand how my work contributes to the larger picture. So when you move into other careers, the LOMA education you undertake can only help.

Henry Sy, FLMI, PMP  

I earned my FLMI in 2014 and ACS in 2015. Completing the FLMI gave me a comprehensive understanding of Life Insurance. I was able to apply that knowledge in my company and also in working for other clients - insurance companies. After completing the program, I received instant recognition from many of my colleagues and managers. It has really benefitted me in these four years of my professional career. Also, domain knowledge coupled with IT knowledge gives an edge over others.

So, I have recommended others to do these recognized certifications in my company and many others are on their way to accomplish this!

Ranveer Singh, FLMI, ACS
TATA Consultancy Services Ltd

When I achieved the FLMI designation, my company gave me a cash bonus. But that was not the only benefit

My colleagues at work began to look at me as a person with more knowledge in the insurance industry, and asked me to teach them. I became a person of more importance in my company.

The FLMI has been instrumental in the 22 years I've been working in my company.

Gustavo Aviles, FLMI, ACS, AIAA
Data Analyst, Sales Department, Bupa Global Latin America

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Posted by Kathy Ryan at 12/21/2018 07:35:09 PM