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Ed Reps: How our new course features affect study materials and exams

Ed Reps: How our new course features affect study materials and exams

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This year, we’re excited to introduce two new features to three upper level courses in the FLMI designation program: Interactive e-book study materials and a self-proctored testing option. It's going to be important for you and your students to understand how to make the most out of the enhancements, so please take a moment to read through the details!

Interactive e-Books

LOMA’s e-books deliver course content in a series of interactive multi-media module. The e-books can be accessed with or without an internet connection on computers, tablets and smartphones. Videos, practice and review questions with feedback, and other interactive features are integrated into the content to create a more dynamic, engaging experience. These elements reinforce the lessons’ important topics and help clarify complex concepts.

For the best learning experience, we recommend downloading the Kotobee e-reader. It’s free and safe to download. Once the course launches, students can download the e-reader from the course portal. For learners who do not wish to download the Kotobee e-reader, we suggest iBooks instead. (The full range of interactive features will not be available with any other e-reader.)

A PDF version of the course materials will also be available for those who choose not to use an e-reader. And don't worry—learners using a PDF can access the interactive features through the course portal.

Testing Options

Learners will also have the option of taking a self-proctored exam at the end of each course module or a proctored, comprehensive exam at the end of the course via I*STAR (or Prometric). There’s no difference in pricing based on the testing option chosen. However, learners who are taking a proctored exam at a Prometric testing center must pay the Prometric testing fee.

Be sure to let your students know—in advance—whether or not your company accepts self-proctored exams for professional development credit or reimbursement. These are the first courses we've ever offered that give learners the choice between proctored and non-proctored formats, and we want to make sure everyone understands both options before they need to choose one during enrollment.

Launch Dates

For the new versions of the three courses we're rolling out this year, enrollments will open:

  • Late May 2019: LOMA 361—Accounting & Financial Reporting in Life Insurance Companies
  • Late June 2019: LOMA 335—Operational Excellence
  • Fall 2019: LOMA 357—Institutional Investing
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Posted by Kathy Ryan at 03/27/2019 09:33:53 PM