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Ed Rep Alert: Revised edition of AIRC 421

Ed Rep Alert: Revised edition of AIRC 421

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The revised edition of AIRC 421 — Regulation of Life Insurance Products, Sales & Operations is now available, one of the online courses required for the AIRC designation and the Regulatory Compliance Essentials certificate.

The new version of AIRC 421 is updated to include important information about “best practices” sales methods and security, such as:

  • Electronic signatures and documents
  • Sales to seniors
  • The DOL fiduciary regulation
  • Cybersecurity
Ed Reps' Next Steps

A new course is good news, but there's something important to watch out for: Students who were enrolled in AIRC 421 before June 12, 2017 must complete the course by the end of their six-month course access period. If students don't finish before their access period expires, and they later wish to re-enroll in the course, they will be re-enrolled into the new version of the course, and any progress they made in the old version will be lost.

Help your students get the most out of their enrollment — use the Current Enrollments report available in Ed Rep Tools to see who has enrolled but hasn’t finished yet. Then encourage them to finish the course before it’s too late!

In case you missed it: We revised AIRC 411 earlier this year, too.

Posted by Kathy Ryan at 05/22/2018 03:08:06 PM