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Demonstrating commitment

Demonstrating commitment

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One reason the FLMI carries so much value is that it demonstrates to everyone – employers, colleagues, customers, to our families and to ourselves – the strong commitment to professionalism and leadership in our industry.

I started out in the insurance industry almost 10 years ago. I started off with a TPA working in their quality department. I immediately fell in love with the industry and during orientation, our educator mentioned LOMA and the FLMI designation. From that point on, my course was set. I knew this was something that I wanted and needed to achieve to be successful in this industry.

Eight years later, I finally achieved my goal and was awarded the FLMI designation. Along the way, I earned my ALMI, which demonstrated my commitment to my employer and the industry I worked in. I was promoted to Supervisor and then Manager. Upon earning the FLMI, I made the move to another company in the capacity of Director.

I whole heartedly believe my FLMI designation has been instrumental to my success, resulting in promotions and edging out the competition. It shows your commitment to the work we do day in and day out. I don't believe I would be where I am at today without LOMA and my FLMI designation. Thank you LOMA!!!

Scott A. Ortiz, FLMI  

I was working in a tertiary care hospital as a pediatric emergency supervisor and loved my work. But with an eye surgeon as a husband and three young boys to bring up, it was becoming a herculean juggling task and I felt I was failing all. Then totally by chance the opportunity came my way to work in a life insurance company. It was a difficult decision to make such a drastic career change! I had never heard the term “Life underwriter” and was apprehensive because working at anything which involved “numbers.” But the appeal of flexible routine and an accommodative work environment looked attractive, and finally I took the plunge.

I began to learn the practical aspects of life insurance underwriting but I also felt I needed the theoretical knowledge to give me inner satisfaction, as well as to give my colleagues confidence in me that I had made this transition. My father being an educationist kept nudging me to take a professional qualification. Once I started taking the exams I was hooked; I found the course filled in the knowledge gaps and I was studying subject like Accounting and Statistics which were so new and interesting for me. The FLMI books opened up a whole new field of knowledge for me, and stimulated dormant areas of my brain.

It was a task to manage the exams while bringing up three boys; having a supportive husband and family was the key I think. My children would often say “Oh, mom is studying for an exam again…” but were very encouraging and tolerant. My peers at office would get amused at my enthusiasm for studies but were always accommodating.

I finally completed all my exams and acquired my FLMI with Honors (English award).The LOMA program provided me with great insight into the workings of an Insurance Industry that I had only seen from afar. The program provided me with a solid foundation and I was able to more easily achieve yet another professional and academic milestone, the FALU qualification. I enjoy the training and teaching and knowledge sharing that is in involved in underwriting.

I would strongly encourage people in the industry to acquire the FLMI, it is do-able!!

Dr. Naila Salman, MBBS, FALU, FLMI
Assistant Chief Underwriter and Assistant General Manager, New Business Department, EFU Life Assurance Ltd.

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Posted by Kathy Ryan at 12/21/2018 07:35:09 PM